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Click below to be directed to the right place for your needs. If you don’t see a link here, but your need has to do with single family real estate investing, we likely can still handle the request. Please use our contact form at the bottom to reach us directly.

Horne & Associates is our law firm which specializes is creative real estate transactions. With over 25 years of experience and upwards of 10,000 properties closed with seller financing, Scott Horne with Horne & Associates provides an unparalleled level of service for the new or seasoned investor’s needs. Contact us today! No situation is too “out there” for us to handle, providing you with top notch service and abilities. passionately provides real and actionable advice on seller financing and general real estate investing to new and seasoned investors without the typical “upsell” pitches so commonly found in education programs. Our commitment is to use our extensive experience to provide investors with the knowledge, business systems,¬† people and technologies they need to close multiple income producing single family properties each and every month.

Texas Pride Lending is the Nation’s premier RMLO service. If you are working with seller financing or privately lending to borrowers and providing a mortgage for them, you should be using an RMLO to originate your loans in order to stay compliant with Dodd-Frank, SAFE Act, RESPA and many more regulations. Contact us today so we can discuss a plan to get your files processed through and compliant!

Triple Equity is headed by Attorneys, Mortgage Professionals, and Contractors. By using our in-depth knowledge of the law, paired with the practical knowledge gained through our years of experience, we are able to come up with creative solutions that bring you the most value offered by any investor in the DFW area.

With experience as Texas’ largest hard money lender, LTV Funding is able to provide hard money loans to investors with a level of confidence and assistance that no other HML can meet. Led by successful real estate investors, LTV Funding truly understands all of the minute details that are needed when completing a full bore rehab. With options for converting into long term financing, LTV funding is a head above the rest. Contact today to start your application!

A Texas Real Estate Brokerage and consulting firm specializing in correcting assessment inequities and is dedicated to providing superior ad-valorem tax consulting services for Residential & Properties and Personal Property. Aarant Realty Brokerage has over 25 years of experience helping local investors with their investment and has unparalleled insight into rehab and tax needs. With discounts available on multiple properties, Aarant Realty offers individualized attention to each client and each property from the beginning of the process to the annual tax arbitration needs. Click below to find out more!

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